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The Puy du Fou, the best amusement park in the world

The famous Park in Vendee received in April 2016 the« Thea Award » of the best amusement park in the world 2015 for its show « The lovers of Verdun ». It is now a tradition for the Puy du Fou used to received prizes since 2011.

Founded in 1978 by Philippe de Villiers, the park always has it place in Vendee. In addition to advertising, it has for goal to recount some parts of history.

Pyrotecnics, water games, night shows, castles, everything is done to recreate historical battles which opposed French kingdom to their enemies.

Flagship attraction of the Puy du Fou

Great shows

Besides the Cinescenie, the Puy du Fou offers different great shows, every one about a period of the history :

• “The Triumph’s Sign” describes the epic of a Roman centurion trying to release Christian martyrdom ;
• “The Vikings” it is the story about a nordic attack on a village during festivities ;
• “The Secret of the Lance” describes the legacy let by Joan of Arc to a young shepherdess.
Everyone has been made with a particular attention to the sceneries and costumes.

The Cinescenie

The Cinescenie, it is the night show you don’t have to miss in the puy du Fou !

3 500 volunteers from the neighbourhood, 2 000 spothlights, 142 water jets… An enormous team is ready each weekend during Summer to impress some 14500 spectators who sit down in the panoramic grandstands.

The biggest night show in the world has been modernised during years proposing new special effects included 3D showing.


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The setting

The Puy du Fou has an idealistic setting for stroll. Located in the hearth of Vendee, the Park enables an enjoyable walk around the activities inside it.

Most of events being outside, you will enjoy the natural setting all around, especially for « The Phantom Birds’ dance », a show that mix falcons, owls, vultures…

Thanks to the 50 hectares, there are sceneries and era changes that gave a real pleasure to some of 2 millions spectators who came in 2015.

With an extension goal, the Park proposes is new attraction since April 2016 : « Le dernier Panache ». A 46 meter of diameter grandstand for a show in 360° which tells the story of a french officer in 1793.

Useful information

• Open from de the 2nd of April to the 25th of September 2016.
• La visite du parc est conseillée sur un minimum de 2 jours.
• Free parking
• Starting from 32 €.
More information on the official website

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